Cost composition and service life of plastic tray

Origin Author Time:2021-03-22
What are the costs of plastic pallets?
Plastic pallet cost = raw material cost + production cost + mould allocation + labor cost + management cost, etc.
When Zhongyuan materials account for about 70%, manufacturing cost accounts for about 10%, mold cost allocation accounts for about 5%, labor cost accounts for about 10%, management cost and other costs account for about 5%.
How long is the service life of the plastic pallet?
Generally, the service life of plastic pallet is about 8 years. But in practice, there are many factors that affect the service life of plastic pallet.
Is it overloaded during use
Different plastic pallets have different dynamic load and static load. When purchasing pallets, customers should select suitable plastic pallets according to the actual load-bearing requirements, so as to avoid the pallets working under serious overload for a long time.
Operation level of forklift driver
When carrying out the corresponding work, the forklift should enter along the direction of the fork entrance to prevent the plastic pallet from being damaged by the impact of the forklift legs.
Operating environment and temperature

In the harsh high and low temperature environment, a long time of exposure will accelerate the aging of plastic pallets.


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