Maintenance of plastic trash can

Origin Author Time:2021-03-15
    You can see the shadow of the plastic trash can at any time and anywhere in the community or street where you live. It has a high body, a big stomach and four rollers under it. This kind of plastic trash can shoulders the responsibility of collecting garbage cans for you and protecting the environment. But in our daily life, do you want to take care of this kind of environmental protection guards.
    Plastic trash can is a kind of trash can which has been widely used in recent years, because polyethylene and polypropylene are commonly used as raw materials for plastic trash can. Compared with traditional steel trash can and steel wood trash can, it can save more social resources. The raw materials can be repeatedly used, the production and processing are convenient, and the acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance are strong, which can be in the temperature range of - 30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Normal application, the surface of plastic trash can is smooth, easy to clean, easy to maintain, so the plastic trash can will play an increasingly important role in our future life.

     When it comes to the maintenance of the plastic trash can, it is confirmed according to its raw materials and application environment. The first thing is that the plastic trash can is made of plastic, and the plastic is greatly affected by the temperature. As far as possible, it should not be placed in the position of direct sunlight, because ultraviolet rays will accelerate the aging of the plastic. Naturally, the plastic trash can should not be placed in the position of too cold, which is not easy It is easy to damage its service life; secondly, it is not allowed to place the plastic garbage can in a humid or airtight position; finally, for the plastic garbage can, it is absolutely not allowed to put out the cigarette butts, which requires us to pay attention to the throwing of cigarette butts in our daily life.

    Let's protect the environmental protection guard around you plastic trash can, make our environment more beautiful and the world cleaner.
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