Problems in using pallet

Origin Author Time:2021-03-09
Nowadays, the use of pallets in China also uses the circulation within enterprises. The freight transportation between enterprises needs to be handled by several manual handling, which reduces the work efficiency and improves the logistics cost of enterprises.
Most enterprises use pallets as the turnover tools in the enterprise. The pallets leave the enterprises less, and the plastic pallets greatly reduce the application effect of the pallets. The degree of environmental pollution to pallets by using the environment should be taken into account.
The high pollution degree of environment must choose the pallet which is resistant to environmental pollution and easy to clean, such as plastic tray, steel tray, composite tray, etc.
Special requirements for pallet materials of the goods loaded: sometimes the goods carried by the pallet are corrosive, or the goods loaded require a higher cleaning degree of the pallet. At this time, plastic pallets with strong corrosion resistance or wooden pallets processed by processing shall be selected.
In the current situation, it can be considered that palletization is basically realized, which is far from the direct transportation operation of the pallet.
According to the investigation of Pallet Professional Committee of China Federation of logistics and procurement, among the reasons that the direct pallet transportation cannot be realized, the most difficult management problems are the selection of pallet turnover and return.

Some materials such as wooden tray and paper tray have strong moisture absorption, so it should be avoided to use in humid environment as far as possible, otherwise, it will directly affect its service life.

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