Problems needing attention in the use of plastic tray and shelf

Origin Author Time:2021-03-08
     Plastic pallet is a kind of logistics unit which is used with forklift, shelf and other logistics automation. It can be used to store, carry and move goods, and is one of the indispensable logistics automation in modern logistics storage. In logistics industry, plastic pallets are usually used with shelves. What problems should we pay attention to at this time?
    1. Plastic pallets can help the pallet to use in the shelf and enhance the load-bearing of the shelves. But plastic tray in the shelf use, only can improve the plastic tray load, long-term use, because of the shelf use, plastic tray of the stress point span is relatively large, will produce the corresponding bending degree. Plastic tray, because of the steel structure bending is difficult to recover, resulting in the plastic tray in the shelf for a long time, it is difficult to recover.
    2. When using plastic tray in high-level storage shelf, attention should be paid to avoid falling from high place. The plastic tray is used in the through shelf, and the bottom end of the plastic tray should be put on the pallet position of the shelf safely. Ensure that the bottom end of the plastic tray is in a safe position in the shelf tray position.
    3. The reasonable shelf tray is selected, and the plastic tray with Sichuan character structure is suitable for the storage shelf. The three cross beam structures at the bottom, whether in the beam type cargo space shelves or the long span through shelves, the plastic pallets with Sichuan character structure show the high strength shelf load.
    4. Select the plastic tray on the reasonable shelf. Usually, according to the application, pallets can be divided into flat turnover, palletizing and shelf load. The shelf load is required to be high in three application cases. Because in the use of the shelf, the stress point of plastic tray is only the support of the shelf beam to the pallet, and the stress point is relatively small. If long-term overload use, plastic tray face bending, not easy to recover.
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