Plastic pallet manufacturing

Origin Author Time:2021-03-06
  In the past few decades, from wooden pallets to plastic pallets. There are many different reasons for such a conversion, including cost, function and environmental reasons. Although the initial cost of plastic pallets may be higher than that of wooden pallets, the service life of recyclable plastic pallets is much longer. This enables companies to buy fewer pallets over time and ultimately save money. Plastic pallets can also be developed to basically any role.

environment protection

  Using thermoforming technology, pallets can be built into any size needed by enterprises, and can also be nested and stackable. Since plastic pallets are generally designed to be nested, empty pallets occupy less space in the workshop than wooden pallets. Plastic tray is also an environmentally friendly choice. Most pallets are made of at least some (if not 100%) recycled materials and are fully recyclable.


  Plastic pallets not only can be used independently, but also can be recycled; they are also used for recyclable packaging. Recyclable packaging allows enterprises to purchase pallets once and reuse them for many years. In view of the fact that pallets can be nested, pallets occupy less space in the return journey, which is generally equivalent to reducing freight. This means that plastic pallets will directly reduce the logistics costs of most companies. As a result, plastic pallets are generally more valuable than wooden pallets because they are more durable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  Plastic pallets are the best choice for recyclable packaging because they are more durable than wooden pallets. They are generally formulated as nestable, which will reduce return logistics costs. The plastic tray can be thermoformed with a variety of customization options to meet various needs. For the plastic tray of food industry, it helps to avoid infection or pollution, and does not need other special packaging. Through thermoforming, pallets with recyclable packaging requirements can be produced.


  Plastic pallets provide better recovery than wooden pallets. After using the plastic pallet, it can use less space to stack neatly, thus reducing the overall logistics cost of customers. The nested tray has hollow feet, which are "nested" in the depression of the tray below it. This allows many pallets to be easily and safely stacked on top of each other. These stacks are quite stable and can be easily moved (or even pushed) by forklifts.
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